Whether it was intended or a complete stroke of luck, you've
found my website and I am thankful you have.

Hey, I’m Ali!

I’m a dog mama to Walt, Tina Belcher to a T,
& I love capturing passionate soul’s.

I’m a portrait photographer through and through based in the PNW

but I will travel ANYWHERE.

Because for me this is all about you.

Your love, your moments, your family, YOU.

My job is to capture that through photographs.

To give you something tangible.

Life is not posed - Your photos shouldn’t be either.

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I’m Walter French! But please, call me Walt.

My momma says I’m the cutest chicken nugget in the world, I definitely agree with her. .

I nominated myself the welcoming committee at the beach. Who doesn’t want to say hi to everyone?

I like to roll in sand but I hate the water and car rides.

I like to give kisses. A lot of them.

I guarantee we’ll be instant best friends.